• Pureserve

    The Pureserve fanless Roon server compared to Roon Nucleus:




    The Pureserve has a faster processor, twice the RAM and twice the hard drive space.


    Nucleus: $1389

    Mine: $550


    The only thing the Nucleus has better is a nicer looking case. But this unit is still nice, and can just be stashed away on a shelf by your router anyways. It needs no monitor or keyboard. You just plug into power, plug into your router via Ethernet cable, and turn on. Then you log into the Roon app on your laptop, tablet or smartphone to control. Done deal. Leave on 24/7 for years. Dead silent, and dust free. It auto updates and is completely maintenance free. Also 3 year warranty.


    For both the Nucleus and my unit you use either a USB hard drive, or NAS for local music storage.